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Tired of leaky faucets, stained sinks and worn-out cabinets? Thinking of updating a bath or kitchen that looked great ... back in the 1990s?  Well maybe
it's time for some serious kitchen or bath remodeling,    and we're here to help.

If you're looking to improve the value of your existing home, kitchen and bath remodels are excellent investments that will add value to your home while creating comfort and enhancing your quality of life.


It's all about taking a tired space and energizing it. Imagine beginning the day in a bright new kitchen with easily accessible cabinets with clever storage solutions, beautiful but durable countertops, and trend-setting appliances and plumbing fixtures that save you time and make your life easier.


Whether it's a gathering place for a family meal and conversation or a setting for entertaining -- whatever your kitchen means to you -- Todd Remodeling can create a kitchen that will provide you and your family with a lifetime of memories and enjoyment.


Have you been living with a bathroom that's outdated, short on space, or has a complete lack of function and just can't handle the demands of you and your family? Even the most carefully maintained bathrooms eventually need some help.


Today's baths are designed to help comfort and take care of you. And perhaps no space in your home is more personal than this area. The installation and use of innovative and modern products not only update the look of your room but also can accommodate your unique needs. Use of color, texture, various tile patterns and proper lighting are also used to create beautiful baths that are serene, comfortable and relaxing.


With virtually limitless design possibilities and the wide variety of products available, Todd Remodeling can create a bath that looks great and functions beautifully. We listen to our customers and provide the very best advice our many years of experience have to offer. All phases of the remodeling process are handled with efficiency and personal attention. The final product will be a lasting reflection of your unique vision, personal tastes and our fine craftmanship.